Despite fan theories, Elden Ring’s Malenia doesn’t look to sneakily be the twin of a Sekiro boss we never got

For a good while now, one of the many fan theories that’ve been buzzing around the Elden Ring community has concerned Malenia. She looks a bit like a Sekiro boss and moves a bit like a Sekiro boss, so there’s a chance she might sneakily be a Sekiro boss we never got, right? Well, sadly, I’m about to rain on your parade.

Given the amount of digging folks have done into ER, it’s arguably surprising that this particular rumour, which points to the waterfowl dancer being something akin to a twin of a character you hear about – but never encounter – in Sekiro, has rumbled on so long. Now, though, one of the game’s loreheads has decided to take their own look into it, via some interesting animation comparisons between the two games.

“There’s one question I get asked about Malenia almost every time I include her in a video, and I’ve never really had a solid answer for it,” FromSoft YouTuber and community figure ZullieTheWitch wrote in a tweet. “I realised it might actually be possible to get more context, but the method for getting it might be a little odd.”

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