Why does GTA 3’s moon change shape when you snipe it? Because some Rockstar devs couldn’t settle a tiff

Why does the moon in GTA 3 change size whenever you shoot it with a sniper rifle? It’s a question that’s been haunting all of us for a long time now. Well, Thanks to one of the developers who worked on the game, we now know the answer.

GTA games are known for being home to the odd semi-hidden quirk or easter egg can that make for a great way to impress your little cousin if it’s their first time watching you play. Getting inside the Statue of Liberty in GTA 4 and casually basking in the cartoonish red glow of its beating heart is probably my personal favourite, but I’d imagine it didn’t come about via an unresolved dev argument.

You know what did? The fact that you can cause GTA 3’s moon to change size by sticking a bullet in it. Yup, ex-Rockstar Technical Director Obbe Vermeij – who you might remembeR having previously shared some details about a brief effort to make a Scottish zombie survival game using Vice City’s code – was there, and the whole moon thing was his way of trying to stop his coworkers from arguing with each other.

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