Overwatch 2 fails to justify its existence as Blizzard reportedly plans to scrap PvE altogether

Overwatch 2 is starting to feel a touch pointless, as a new report is claiming that the game is abandoning PvE altogether.

The big selling point of Overwatch 2 was initially the game’s PvE Hero Mode, but barely a year later that was completely scrapped. There were still some PvE elements through the game’s story missions, except there hasn’t been all that much of them. And now, according to a report from Bloomberg, PvE content is being scrapped entirely in favour of PvP. Bloomberg’s report claims that last year’s paid pack of three PvE story missions sold poorly, a major reason as to why the PvE elements are being scrapped.

Apparently the layoffs that took place across Microsoft earlier this year resulted in a majority of the Overwatch 2 PvE team being laid off, and Bloomberg says that the team has been informed that Blizzard has no intention to finish off any PvE content in development, instead focusing on the game’s competitive element. How that might affect the rest of the PvE team isn’t particularly clear at this point in time. Currently, though, the most concerning thing for Overwatch 2 devs is the lack of bonuses.

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