Microsoft would like you to know Xbox WILL be at this year’s Gamescom

With Sony having surprised precisely no-one by announcing that, once again, PlayStation won’t be at this year’s Gamescom, Microsoft has seized the opportunity to let everyone know that, by Jove, Xbox will be at this year’s show.

Microsoft shared the news over on social media, inviting attendees to visit its “biggest booth yet” when Gamescom returns to Cologne, Germany, in August this year.

Microsoft will, of course, be the only major console maker to have at presence at Gamescom 2024; Nintendo confirmed it wouldn’t be coming along back in April, saying there would be opportunities for players to try Switch games at other events throughout the year, and PlayStation confirmed a no-show earlier this week. Sony’s absence hardly warrants a raised eyebrow, however, given it hasn’t showed up since 2019.

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