Elden Ring’s Tutorial is the Sixth Sense of the 2020s

Elden Ring is a hard game. The latest from famed Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro developer, FromSoftware, this critical darling doesn’t pull its punches. This isn’t an unfairly hard game (most of the time), but it’s one you do need to be careful with – less than complete focus and you’ll find yourself on a deadly end of a swinging sword and then on a journey to retrieve your lost runes.

But one area that I didn’t expect to be a cause of discussion is Elden Ring’s tutorial. It’s not that this tutorial is hard – it’s not, in the slightest – but that it seems a lot of players are not realizing it exists and walking straight past it. So how is this possible, and is it really a big problem as some are suggesting?

If you’ve not played Elden Ring, you start off without any real information. A grand, rather bleak intro movie sets the tone, and then you’re off. Fairly quickly a rather nasty looking foe appears and it’s curtains – or at least it was for me, having been struck once and presumably killed. You then enter a new area, and it’s here that things seemingly go one of two ways.

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