Elden Ring player cheeses NPC invaders with this genius tactic

Are you having trouble with NPC invaders in Elden Ring? Are you struggling with how to defeat them? Are you easily dispatching bosses and dogs and all manner of weird stuff (read: giant crabs) but can’t deal with some red bloke in Roundtable Hold? Well don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

It seems that many players have trouble with NPC invaders. Moreso than some of the hulking, towering bosses you’d have fought in the game up to that point. In our own best armor in Elden Ring guide, we note that you can use whatever means you want to dispatch them. “Spamming jump attacks after hopping off the table works – just remember to roll towards them when they start magic attacks to avoid them and keep up the pressure,” our own James advised.

But if you’re still struggling, don’t fret – a Reddit user by the very apt name of Elden_Ring_Guides has come up with a fool-proof cheese that will make short work of this goon (and others like it).

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