Elden Ring has turned me into a Souls lore goblin

I’ve always appreciated FromSoftware’s minimalist storytelling style across its various Soulsborne-type games, but I also wasn’t exactly one of those people completely obsessed or enamoured with it. I knew what was going on, more or less. I understood the concept of The First Flame and all that. I just wasn’t reading every single item description in search of scraps as some fans were – though I always respected their dedication.

And boy, am I now glad that I didn’t mock those folks back then – because Elden Ring has turned me into one of them. I can’t quite pinpoint what caused this change in me.

Maybe this is the result of George R. R. Martin’s influence over the world and narrative. Though Martin’s involvement was seemingly limited to telling the story of the Lands Between before the events of Elden Ring, that’s also one of the most intriguing aspects of the narrative and lore – piecing together what this world looked like before the Shattering, the event that tore it asunder.

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