After 269 hours, Elden Ring streamer beats all the bosses on new game +7 at level one – is finally ready for Shadow of the Erdtree

I was pretty certain that I was pretty good at Elden Ring y’know? I can beat the game handily, and have a save file parked right in Mohg’s boss arena ready for Shadow of the Erdtree when it launches in the near future. However, one player has destroyed such illusions. Compared to MissMikkaa, I am garbage.

You may be wondering why? Well, dear reader, MissMikkaa has managed to beat Elden Ring’s new game +7 difficulty with a level one character. She managed the feat in 269 hours, having to take on and overcome each and every boss before the job was done. This journey happened on Twitch, where she streamed the entire process.

“I used no summons, great runes, throwing pots, sorceries nor incantations,” MissMikkaa posted on Twitter, highlighting interesting details for those keen to learn more. This info came alongside footage of her Malenia kill, which required 63 attempts. Interestingly enough it was the pair of Valiant Gargoyles that proved the most daunting, taking 405 tries. In total, MissMikkaa died 2145 times on new game +7.

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