January 26, 2023

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Story of Seasons: Olive Town fodder | How to get fodder for your livestock

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, your character moves to their late grandfather’s dilapidated farm with the goal of turning it into a thriving business.

One of the very first things you’ll find on the farm is a broken-down chicken coop and a wild chicken nearby. Using the materials you have directly to hand and a few tools donated to you by the Mayor of Olive Town, you’ll soon have restored the coop and tamed the chicken.

Before your chicken can begin to lay valuable eggs, though, you’ll need to feed her. You do this by loading up the feeding bin inside the chicken coop with fodder. However, it’s not immediately obvious where to get it from.

How to get fodder in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

You might expect that all the wild grass around the farm would do for fodder, especially since it’s what your animals eat when you let them graze outside. I certainly know I cut down a huge amount of grass with my sickle, only to realise that it wasn’t the right stuff when I took it to the chicken coop.

In Pioneers of Olive Town, fodder is its own specific type of plant. And to get some, you need to head into Olive Town proper and check out Olive Town General Store.

Proprietor Angela sells fodder seeds, as well as bundles of fodder that are ready-to-use.

Since you’re an intrepid farmer you’ll probably want to grow some for yourself, and this is definitely the cheaper option in the long-term.

But since you also want your chicken to be happy and begin laying eggs as soon as possible, consider buying a few bundles if you can possibly afford it, to tide you over until your own crops begin to grow.

Fodder takes five days to grow from seeds, but the fodder bin can hold ten bundles at a time, so I’ll admit I splurged a bit and filled the thing up with pre-bought stuff on the first occasion so I’d have some in reserve down the line. Anything to make Agent Cooper happy.

Once planted, however, fodder is quite an excellent crop. It regrows three times from the same planting before you need to purchase more seeds. And though its resale value isn’t particularly high, you’re much better off using it to feed your chickens and (a little later on in the game) your cows. Both animals will produce some very high-quality produce when they’re content and well-fed.

For more information on the tools you’ll need to restore the chicken coop — and various other areas around the farm — see our guide to unlocking all the tools in the game.

Or for a more whimsical approach to getting eggs in the game, see our page on the Egg Hunt festival event.

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