Star Citizen alpha 3.16 launches today with Return to Jumptown event

Starting today, Star Citizen is going live with the Alpha 3.16 Return to Jumptown update – which is bringing back one of the game’s most popular PvP game modes alongside several other significant additions to the game. Jumptown 2.0 is inspired by a previous mode of the name name, which has a team of criminals fight law enforcement over illegal substances in giant PvP battles.

Patch 3.16 is also bringing more PvE content to Star Citizen, including derelict ships players can explore for valuable rewards. These are dangerous-locations for courageous players who are able to manoeuvre plenty of booby traps to secure precious loot.

“2021 has been another fantastic year for Star Citizen and our amazing community, and I’m excited for us to end the year with another explosive Dynamic Event in Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown,” said Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts. “Long-term players remember the emergent PvP Jumptown battles from the early days of the Persistent Universe. We’ve taken the intense action from the old event as inspiration for Jumptown 2.0, which promises to deliver the exhilarating and large-scale battlefields we want to see more of in Star Citizen.”

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