September 30, 2022

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Resident Evil Remakes are fine and all – but I’d trade them for more Dead Rising

In a recent episode of the VG247 ‘Best Games Ever’ Podcast – which is excellent, by the way – Dead Rising became a topic of hot conversation. It feels appropriate that it did – as that episode of the podcast was released just a matter of days before this week’s anniversary of the series, which kicked off back on August 8th 2006.

16 isn’t exactly a tentpole anniversary to mark, but Dead Rising is worth celebrating no matter the year. With classic Capcom horror getting a resurgence thanks to a revitalized Resident Evil push, what better way to capitalize on the newfound thirst for frights than more Dead Rising! To talk about what makes the series so great, and why it deserves to rise from the grave, Alex and Connor talk about what makes the series so great, and what they’d like to see revisited in the future.

Alex: Well, I don’t quite know where to start. I was the guy who bought up Dead Rising on the podcast – for the episode ‘best game you were ridiculously excited for as a teen’. For me it was a perfect fit for that category; I was 17 at the time, and Dead Rising was the first game of that console generation where I just looked at it and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The number of zombies! The number of interactive items! How open-ended it appeared! It came out the better part of a year into the 360’s life, but it was the first game of that generation that truly wowed me with that nebulous sense of next-genness.

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