Young Souls is scrappy but fun

To get this out of the way first, I’ve been playing Young Souls on Switch and it’s not an enormously brilliant port. This was once a timed Stadia exclusive, I gather, and while it’s entirely playable on Switch, the loading can be quite lengthy and the frame rate can be sort of jittery, which adds an element of imprecision during combat. I am not an expert in this stuff. I suspect you can tell.

As I said, though, it’s entirely playable, and I’ve been playing it, and it’s been excellent fun. This is a nice modern take on the sort of Turtles-style scrolling beat-’em-up. By modern I mean it has XP and leveling and gear and a hub and all that jazz. But it’s also just a good time in a lovely world. Young Souls has charm. (And a profanity filter mode, thankfully, which makes up for the bizarre choice to include swearing in a game that kids will clearly love.)

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