You can now play World of Warcraft in VR – the perfect excuse for your awful DPS

Picture this. You’re mythic raiding in World of Warcraft, and it’s all on the line. Your DPS is good and your ability rotation is damn near perfect. This is the run. Your hard work is about to be rewarded with the post-boss logs showing you’re a top tier player – one of the best, perhaps? Just then, your tank trips over the stack of pizza boxes near his desk and plummets to the ground, his $500 VR helmet slamming into the floorboards and concaving his face as his brain shoots out the back of his head. Unable to press Shield Wall, he dies and the raid wipes. You are left distraught as the healers are lectured on their poor performance.

This is just one of the many possibilities now at our fingertips with the release of a VR mod for World of Warcraft. Created by a gaggle of creators and posted for free on Github, the mod allows you to put yourself in the body of your undergeared Blood Elf mage and take off in a glorious adventure around Azeroth. See the wonder of the Stormwind tram yourself for the first time, farm Siege of Orgrimmar every week for 7 months for the mount and feel tears get trapped inside your tech goggles. Truly, this is an experience WoW has desperately needed.

Jokes aside, it does look like a decent bit of fun if you’ve got the hardware available, and as Eurogamer’s Ian Higton showcased in their own video (which you can watch above) it seems to actually work reasonably well. Don’t get the wrong idea – bringing this to progression raiding or M+ is deeply sinful behavior, but for a casual romp around your favourite zones? Why not! It’s your sub, after all.

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