Yes, Stardew Valley mayonnaise drinking speedruns are now a thing, and already sub 20 minutes

Hi there. It’s Friday afternoon, everyone’s being very loud about Dragon’s Dogma 2 and I’m about to tell you about something that’s kinda disgusting. It’s about Stardew Valley. People are racing to drink mayonnaise in it as fast as they can.

Yeah, this is what life is now, apparently.

First, here’s some background info on how we got here. In 2016, Stardew Valley became a thing. In March 2024, we learned that drinking mayonnaise in Stardew Valley would be becoming a thing. Then, with the release of Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update, it became a thing. Then, lots of people flocked to the game, probably to drink mayonnaise. Now, people are seeing just how fast they can reach the mayonnaise and drink it. Soon, we’ll all be dead.

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