Xbox will be whipping out its “biggest booth yet” at Gamescom 2024, while PlayStation and Nintendo give the show a miss

Xbox has officially announced that it’s not only going to have presence at this year’s Gamescom, but will be assembling its “biggest booth yet”, while PlayStation and Nintendo have both confirmed they’re giving the show a miss.

Yep, just one of the big three is planning to rock up in Cologne, meaning that there’ll be absolutely no console wars-esque discourse the entire time the show is on. Surely, right? Okay, so definitely not, but at least there won’t be any photos of Xbox and PlayStation logos facing each other like they’re the flags of two sides engaged in of some kind of dramatic ancient conflict, rather than the occasional bout of corporate handbags.

“The Xbox team is heading BACK to Gamescom,” the console maker has just announced via a Tweet, adding: “Visit us at our biggest booth yet August 21-25!” Hey, at least there was enough restraint shown that the tweet didn’t contain the exact dimensions of this big booth, followed up by the line ‘see, we weren’t kidding, it’s bigger than your dad’s shed’.

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