Xbox Game Pass March line-up concludes with Shredders, Weird West, Crusader Kings III and more

The Xbox Game Pass March game selection has been revealed! This month, we’re getting a decent mix of genres added to the Game Pass lineup, including Crusader Kings 3, Weird West, and Shredders among some other notable additions.

Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service offered to Xbox console and PC users, provides a sizable library of games for the cost of £8 / $10 a month. For that price, you can often pick up some recently released game for a fraction of the cost, making it a decent option for those who can’t or won’t spend full price for the latest titles.

The first game up is Crusader Kings 3, which is getting a Xbox Series X/S version on Game Pass. This grand strategy game puts you in the role of a ruler during the middle ages, as you engage in politics, war, and plenty of scheming in order to expand your empire. In our review for this title back in 2020, Lauren Aitken described it as a “strategy title with some RPG flair that will suck you in for 500 hours or more during this endless lockdown”. While lockdowns are (hopefully) a thing of the past, Crusader Kings 3 is just as brilliant as it was back then, and is absolutely worth your time!

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