World of Warcraft: The War Within beta testing sign-ups are now open

If you’ve been itching to dive into World of Warcraft’s new subterranean expansion The War Within, there’s an opportunity to do so ahead of release, with beta testing sign-ups now open.

The War Within, which was announced during last year’s BlizzCon, marks the first instalment in World of Warcraft’s new three-part Worldsoul Saga, which is set to play out across the next few years. The War Within, specifically, takes players deep into heart of Azeroth, where they’ll explore new subterranean kingdoms, engage with ancient cultures like the Earthen Dwarves – a new Allied race – and the terrifying Nerubians of Azj-Kahet.

Other announced new features include bite-sized experiences for 1-5 players known as Delves, Warbands – enabling players to share the likes of their bank and reputation among their alts – new dynamic flight for mounts, new dungeons and raids, Hero Talents, and more.

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