With its new models, Sony has quietly updated the PS5 DualSense controller

It’s been over a year since we first heard about the DualSense’s supposed 417 hour life and read a report that suggested the cause of stick drift in the pad. At the time, the report from iFixit suggested that a DualSense would start to degrade after an average of about seven months for most players. Not ideal, when the DualSense is $80 or £60 to buy new, right?

Well, Sony may have addressed the problem. At least partly. A new video from Youtuber TronicsFix has shown us under the hood of the latest pads – the ones that come in Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue – and it seems that Sony has quietly improved the tech inside since the first wave of DualSense pads went out (thanks, GamesRadar).

Per TronicsFix, the new controllers are built with a slightly different spring which is loaded into the L and R buttons. In older models, the spring had a 0.25mm thickness, but these new ones are just a bit thicker at 0.3mm. This suggests that they’ll be more durable, and hopefully inject the pad with more life.

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