Witcher and Cyberpunk games on mobile? CD Projekt is thinking about it at the very least

As CD Projekt gears up for its next round of projects, the Cyberpunk and Witcher developer express interest in expanding to the mobile market.

Everybody wants a piece of the mobile games pie these days. They’ve long been a strong money maker, but ever since Genshin Impact was released, it’s been clear to a lot of developers how much potential there is to develop a dedicated audience on one of the most convenient platforms around. Even Elden Ring might be getting the gacha treatment! So it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that CD Projekt is interested in bringing its IP to mobile. As reported by VGC, CD Projekt was asked in a recent Q&A following an earnings conference whether it would be interested in licensing out its IPs to third parties to make mobile games. “The answer is pretty simple here,” responded joint CEO Michał Nowakowski. “The answer is yes, we are considering such a move.

“In fact, we were pursuing, through conversations, opportunities like that. We have nothing to announce just yet, but when the time comes, we would. As for a one-off or other business model related to any such potential partnership, we would not comment on the specifics here, to be honest, plus there is nothing in place that we’re talking about. But there’s no predesigned business model we’re looking at in this case, whether one-off or shared profits. That’s another story. But when the time comes we’ll definitely share information.”

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