Wherever the Avatar series goes next, it has some important lessons to learn from The Legend of Korra

The future of Avatar, the one with all the bending, not the blue people, is a little uncertain at the moment. We do know that there’s three animated movies in the works from Paramount and Nickelodeon with original creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino at the helm. One of those is even about The Last Airbender’s beloved cast of characters, Aang and co, which is apparently due out in 2025. And there are rumours that there’s plans for another series that will follow the next avatar, who in theory should be an earth bender by birth.

Still, it is exciting to know that there is plenty in the works, even if for the most part we don’t know what that is. But, it’s also been quite a while since we’ve visited the animated world of Avatar (we’re not counting the Netflix series, for obvious reasons). The Legend of Korra, the sequel series that followed the titular follow-up Avatar, finished an entire decade ago, and while there’s plenty of good stuff in there, it also had a myriad of problems.

Right off the bat I want to be clear I am not a Korra hater, specifically talking about the character here. I think she’s a really well written character, and felt very distinct from Aang as an Avatar. My problems mostly come from the way that The Legend of Korra built its world, in several ways.

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