What’s next for OlliOlli and Rollerdrome developer Roll7?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to define Roll7 because actually, it’s quite hard to do. You could call it the OlliOlli studio but would that really be correct, because what about Rollerdrome? What about Laser League? What about Not a Hero? You’d miss half of what the studio has done.

Maybe it’s that Roll7 is an inventor; I like that. Because think about it: who knew 2D skateboarding could be a thing before OlliOlli came along? Hold the down button and release it to perform an ollie – it’s the foundation of the game. Then gradually layer on other moves and you have an experience that feels more like playing with a tiny finger skateboard than a video game.

And who could have predicted Laser League? It had nothing at all to do with OlliOlli, so where did it come from? It was a multiplayer game where two teams of three fought in small arenas, to activate spinning lasers that would fry the other team. It was unusual. But play it and any trepidation about the idea vanished. Laser League was immediate fun. It’s just a shame it doesn’t seem to be playable anywhere any more.

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