What’s next for Elden Ring’s composer? A highly anticipated anime about making magic through art

Witch Hat Atelier finally got its first anime trailer at Anime Expo last week, and it’s looking incredible, even if the studio behind it might be cause for concern.

It’s finally happened, folks: the Witch Hat Atelier anime is still in the works, and the first trailer arrived last week. Many fans of the very good manga series have been worried for some time now considering there’s been pretty much zero news since its announcement in 2022, but the first trailer has come out running with a beautifully animated trailer that captures the feel of the original comic pretty much perfectly. The studio behind the upcoming adaptation was finally confirmed too, Bug Films, who you probably haven’t heard of given that this is its second full series, but you might know through 2023’s Zoom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

That name might strike some fear into the hearts of those familiar with the series, as it was plagued with some serious production issues – episodes were delayed multiple times, resulting in a 12 episode series that started in July only finishing at the end of December. Still, Zom 100 was a good looking show, so if Bug Films manage to get the kinks ironed out, we should be in for a treat with this one.

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