What we’ve been playing – our favourite matchmaking moments

Hello! Welcome back to our regular feature where we write a little bit about some of the games we’ve been playing over the past few days. This week we’ve gone with a bit of a theme: matchmaking. We’ve pulled on some of our most memorable matchmaking experiences from games we loved. Can you remember any of yours?

If you fancy catching up on some of the older editions of What We’ve Been Playing, here’s our archive.

RuneScape is a game with a lot of grinding and, in many cases, this means a lot of standing around. Be it Woodcutting or Fishing, you’ll find yourself fixed to one location where the only movement is between skill-spots or when it’s time for a bank run to deposit your goods. (Unless you’re a litterbug who just dumps everything on the ground.) Due to this I, and many other RuneScape players, have partaken in the long standing tradition of chatting away as your XP slowly climbs to the next level.

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