We’ve ranked all of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s meat grilling videos from worst to best

I’ve been very much enjoying my time in Dragon’s Dogma 2 so far. Bumbling around, getting into emergent scrapes with giant enemies one minute and then tossing my more aggravating pawns off of cliff tops the next. But there’s nothing that I like doing more in this game than watching the live action meat grilling videos playing out each time I set up camp for the night.

There are eight different types of meat that you can grill in the game and each one has two different live action videos that can play out, depending on whether or not you’re doing your grilling during the night or during the day. Except for the Dried Meat and Exquisite Dried Meat that is, those two share their videos for some reason. This means there is a grand total of 14 different videos that feature hot meat action in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and, in the video above, I’ve tried my hand at ranking them from worst to best.

So, give it a click and a watch to find out which meat is the number one treat and which one is utterly offal! Stay watching until the very end for a special ‘sizzle’ reel too, in which you can see all the meat videos, both from day and night, in one, uninterrupted meat compilation!

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