We’re almost certainly going to see Xbox’s biggest games on PlayStation soon – report

Microsoft is reportedly considering a “no red line” approach to porting games to PlayStation consoles, in a new strategy to increase margins for its released video games. According to a report by Windows Central, this would include even the company’s most excusive and beloved IPs.

The minds behind this move belong to CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood, notably folks not inherently tied to the gaming department of the company. While the pair believe this is the right move going forward, apparently many working inside the company are uneasy with this decision and its consequences.

This appears to be somewhat of a follow-up of a previous decision made by Microsoft, in which it ported four games including Hi-Fi Rush created by the wonderful and now-dead Tango Gameworks and Sea of Thieves. When these games did land on other consoles including the PlayStation, they proved quite popular, so there is proof this sort of thing does boost sales.

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