Weekend Warrior – The Pre-Ides Of March

It’s Friday yet again, and you know what that means: It’s time for another edition of Weekend Warrior! This week has been an absolute whirlwind with the Sony State of Play on Wednesday, plenty of new game reviews hitting the site (check out Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Gran Turismo 7, Triangle Strategy, and WWE 2K22), and the announcement and digital release of our newest issue of Game Informer featuring Square Enix and Luminous Productions’ gorgeous Action/RPG Forspoken. Our team is certainly ready to kick back and relax for the weekend.

Here’s what the GI crew are up to over the next couple of planetary spins:

Brian Shea – I’m traveling and visiting family this weekend, so I’m limited to Switch games, but I plan on continuing my quest to become the first-ever Pokémon Master of the Hisui region in Legends: Arceus. When I’m not doing that, I’m sure I’ll fire up Sonic Mania or play some retro games on the Nintendo Switch Online catalogs.

Jill Grodt – Is it possible to nap all weekend? The next few weeks are looking pretty packed, so it might be a good idea to store up as much sleep as I can now. I think that’s how it works. But I’ll have to test this another time because there’s no way I’ll manage to stay away from Elden Ring until Monday.

Alex Van Aken – After rolling credits on Elden Ring this week – which required approximately 65 hours and 135 levels – it’s finally time to catch up on other releases I’ve missed, namely Horizon Forbidden West! While I explore the reclaimed nature of the western United States, I’ll be listening to one of my favorite new songwriters, Abby Cates. Lastly, I hope to group up with my friends for a few hours of Apex Legends, which has been delightful to play again. Fun fact: I used to host the number one Apex Legends podcast and even competed in tournaments!

Dan Tack – Elden Ring

Alex Stadnik – What am I doing this weekend? Honestly, I’m going to keep it lowkey since my wallet is still recovering from my recent trip to Las Vegas. I’m halfway through the Best Picture 2022 nominees, so I think I’ll cut myself a slice of some steaming Benny Cumberbatch and watch Power of the Dog. And yes… I will be playing Elden Ring until my fiancée worriedly comes out of our room at 3 a.m., wondering where I am.

John Carson – With my wife out of town for the weekend, I’m going to spend some quality time on the couch with my cats and play video games. I’ve mostly had to put Elden Ring aside during the week, but I’m itching to get back to clawing my way to becoming an Elden Lord. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the rest of the games I’m planning on playing, but you’ll see content on the site about at least one in the coming weeks. I will also be giving today’s new release WWE 2K22 a shot to give me hope for wrestling video games once again. In the non-games area, this just might be the weekend I start experimenting with cooking using my newish sous vide machine. 

Now it’s your turn, fellow weekend warrior! We’d love to hear about the games you’re playing, the movies you plan to see, and the trips you’re taking this weekend as well. Let us know in the comments below!


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