“We put everything into this expansion” – Final Fantasy 16’s DLC director speaks on the game’s final content drop

With the release of Rising Tide, the world of Final Fantasy 16 is now complete. A game about elemental gods that in the past have been known as Espers, Summons, Eidolons and more, one element was mysteriously missing from FF16’s narrative. Now, with Rising Tide, the Eikon of Water joins Clive’s fight.

“You can really feel that they’ve all powered up,” enthuses Takeo Kujiraoka, the director of Final Fantasy 16’s DLC. Power creep is common in games, of course – satisfying progression practically demands that characters become ever more powerful, until you’re swatting away previously deadly enemies. But Kujiraoka isn’t talking about Clive and Jill, FF16’s handsome leads – he’s talking about the development team.

Kujiraoka has stepped into the director’s chair for the post-launch period of Final Fantasy 16, taking over those duties from Hiroshi Takai. Placed in charge of finding new adventures for Clive and new challenges for players, one asset was the most invaluable of all: the team was pumped up and ready to deliver.

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