Watch out Manor Lords, Medieval rebellion game Bellwright shoots past 200,000 Steam Early Access sales

It looks as thought there’s a real desire for some good ol’ fashioned medieval gaming. While Manor Lords took the internet by storm only a month ago, it looks like another sleeper hit is bubbling away in Steam Early Access. Bellwright managed to blow past the 200,000 sale milestone not only a month since its release on the platform.

The game, which spent a number of months in closed testing prior to its release, giving eager fans only developer updates to calm their hunger. The game has also managed to double its wishlist figure at the same time, breaching ever closer to the one million mark with a whopping 822,628 people interested in learning more.

This must come as great relief to the developers behind Bellwright. Not only for the usual reasons – making games is an anxiety-ridden process for anyone who goes through it – but also because Snail Games had a rough PR stint with its prior game Last Oasis. That game, following a massive overhaul to the PvP system, left the game largely abandonned as the studio looked forward to new projects. This left many players frustrated, as you can imagine. With Bellwright there is perhaps a chance to win back trust. Judging by these early figures, there are plenty of people keen on the project.

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