Warframe is getting a new quest, frame, missions and more with Angels of the Zariman in April

We’ve gotten a bountiful amount of new details on the upcoming Warframe content patch – Angels of the Zariman. The next step following the exceptional New War update that dropped December of last year, one of the biggest loose ends is getting explored with a new quest, new mission types, and a fancy hub for players to hang around in.

In addition, there’s a new warframe coming too! Not only do we have a broad idea of what the Gyre frame can do thanks to a new trailer embedded below, we’ll also be able to experiment with an expanded customisation system with Void Shells too. All in all, there’s a lot to look forward to in April.

Let’s start with the new quest content. Angels of Zariman brings a smaller quest to the game where players will be able to venture to the Zariman Ten Zero ship that was heavily featured in the New War narrative. For story fiends invested in the characters of Warframe, this ship stands out as a hugely important aspect of the lore – as it’s where the Tenno players control got their powers.

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