Vampire Survivors adds Space Dude and more in today’s cosmic Space 54 update

Vampire Survivors might continue to be suspiciously devoid of vampires, but it does now have a bunch of new cosmic sci-fi bits (clearly last year’s Among Us collaboration just wasn’t space-y enough), courtesy of its latest free update on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile.

Space 54, as the update is known, introduces a new bonus stage going by the same name – officially described as a “cosmic border-realm between this plane of existence and a sinister, third dimension” – as well as two new characters to deploy.

One of those characters, Space Dude, is the star of developer Poncle’s energetic Space 54 trailer (or Space-54, or Space54 – the studio doesn’t seem to have entirely made its mind up), and there’s also four new weapons, a new relic, and seven new EXTRA achievements.

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