Valve is bringing Portal back as a playable Steam Deck tutorial thingy next week

If, like me, you’ve been eagerly awaited news of Portal 3 for the last decade and a bit, I’m afraid today is still not your lucky day. Valve does, however, have some hitherto unseen Portal on the way for your tearily grateful playing pleasure in the form of a free interactive tutorial thingy for Steam Deck – titled Aperture Desk Job and launching next week.

Admittedly, “interactive tutorial” sounds neither riveting nor sexy, which is probably why Valve is referring to its new Steam Deck experience as a “free playable short”. But what actually is it?, you may be wondering. Well, in much the same way as Valve returned to the Portal universe for its entirely endearing Steam VR performance test a few years back, Aperture Desk Job is designed to walk Steam Deck owners through their new handheld’s controls and features, “while not being nearly as boring as that sounds.”

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