UPDATE: Get ready, Helldivers 2 players, it looks like you’re about to be sent to liberate some mechs

UPDATE(7 March, 4:00PM GMT): Arrowhead’s now confirmed that liberating Tien Kwan to save its exosuit facility from automatons is Helldivers 2’s latest Major Order, so go help secure those mechs!

Following an official comfirmation that they were coming soon earlier this week, it’s now looking like Helldivers 2‘s mechs are finally ready to be rolled out into the game, though you and your fellow hardened soldiers battling for Space Earth may well have some work to do before you can add one to your arsenal

Yup, the vehicular backup that might just make a difference in the battle for galactic supremacy – especially now that some weapons controvrsially aren’t quite as effective as they used to be looks like it’s about to actually arrive in-game.

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