Two Idiots Build a PC – sponsored by NVIDIA and PC Specialist

This content has been sponsored by NVIDIA and PC Specialist.

What happens when you ask a complete idiot to build a modern gaming PC from scratch? In theory, they end up with a nice, working PC, because right now in 2024 it’s never been easier to assemble a computer. But, to paraphrase an old saying, whenever they make PC assembly idiot-proof, someone goes and comes up with a better idiot.

So when NVIDIA and approached us to test the theory that even an idiot can secure themselves a nice 4070 Super based gaming rig these days, whether via the DIY route or by ordering an expertly built machine through the PC Specialist online configuration tool, we jumped at the chance to prove them wrong by sending our best and dimmest: video producer Jim Trinca, and roving reporter Connor Makar. Neither of them have ever built or specced a PC before. Neither of them has ever mounted a CPU cooler. Heck, neither of them owns a screwdriver.

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