Tunic feels like what you remember Zelda playing like when you were younger – Video

Are you coming to Tunic having just played, I dunno, Elden Ring? Or maybe Stranger of Paradise? Are your hands gnarled, your controllers crushed under your palms in frustration? Are you staring down the 60+ hour barrel of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, or want to take a break before jumping into another all-day Raid session in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion?

Then stop, stragner, and rest a while. It sounds like you need something a bit more chill for a bit. Something that isn’t going to take you all your spare time for a week or two to finish. It sounds like you need Tunic.

I’ve already gone into great detail about why I love Andrew Shouldice’s Zelda-inspired adventure so much in my Tunic review, but the long and short of it is this: it’s a playful, gorgeous take on the isometric, top-down adventure game that just loves to play with you.

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