Triangle Strategy review – enjoyable, if slow-burn tale of a battle over salt

The first time you meet him, Triangle Strategy’s protagonist Serenoa Wolffort seems to be nothing less than a fairytale prince, riding in to save his betrothed from bandits. Frederica, the lady in question, is entering into a political marriage with Serenoa as part of a new peace treaty between the three nations of Glenbrook, Hyzante, and Aesfrost.

Thirty years after a war over salt, a resource held entirely by Hyzante, the treaty is meant to re-establish both diplomatic relations and trade between the regions, even as salt itself is still jealously guarded. Of course it all plays out very differently. The steadfast Serenoa, loyal to his crown and the people of the Wolffort region both, soon turns out to be less than perfect – and is actually just barely equipped for the many difficult decisions he has to make.

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