Titanfall and Apex Legends studio seeks new senior director with “multiplayer FPS experience”

Apex Legends developer Respawn is recruiting a design director with “multiplayer FPS experience” to join its incubation game team.

While there are no clues about whether the position will contribute to a new franchise or an existing one, the fact Respawn is applying its first-person shooter chops to an unannounced game is welcomed news for many shooter fans, particularly as the studio’s Star Wars project – reported to be a Mandalorian game – was cancelled amidst EA’s recent cull of 670 employees.

Whatever the project is, don’t expect a gameplay trailer any time soon, though. The position is described as “a rare leadership opportunity to drive the game design on a new incubation project in the early stages” – pre-production, in other words – which suggests we’re a long way off getting concrete details yet.

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