The SNK artist in the director’s chair

There’s something truly special about SNK games. I’ve spent hours transfixed by the likes of The Last Blade, Metal Slug and The King of Fighters ’98, my face almost pushed against an Astro City’s 29-inch monitor drinking in their beauty – it’s that boldness, that style and all that colour served up in chunky 2D that ensures these things are timeless in their beauty.

So it’s something of a privilege to talk to a pivotal part of all that: Eisuke Ogura, an artist who’s been with SNK – on and off, given the somewhat turbulent history of the company in the early 00s – for over 25 years, and who’s at the forefront of their recent revival. He’s been a key part of the fighting games that have defined the company – and it’s the fighting games that first drew him there.

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