The Sims 4 gives its world more autonomy in surprise new Neighbourhood Stories update

One favourite (and sometimes infuriating) feature of The Sims 3 that never made the leap to The Sims 4 was story progression – giving non-active Sims households the ability to make significant, autonomous life decisions in the background – but now, as part of a surprise addition in The Sims 4’s latest free patch, that feature has returned in a big way.

EA first revealed it had started dabbling with story progression for The Sims 4 (a feature its now referring to as Neighbourhood Stories) last November, explaining there was “a lot we want to do” to bring more life to the world outside of active household. Its first Neighbourhood Stories release played it cautiously, only permitting a Neighbour Sim to make a life change – such as having a baby or changing jobs – if directly influenced by the player or once a player had given explicit confirmation in response to a request.

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