The Fall Guy is an uncomplicated, old-fashioned movie magic centred on some of today’s hottest stars

I’m happy to confirm that The Fall Guy, one of the coolest-looking big-budget movies of 2024, is indeed a fantastic time at the cinema. Moreover, it’s also an enchanting romantic comedy with plenty to say about the entire film industry, not just the craft developed by stunt performers.

Following Oppenheimer‘s surprise domination of a good portion of 2023’s global box office, many cinephiles and industry pundits have been expecting Universal Pictures, and perhaps other major studios, to double down on classic star-studded projects that look appealing enough without resorting to relying on IP power. While David Leitch’s The Fall Guy was in development well before the Cillian Murphy-led biopic from Christopher Nolan rocked the world, it still feels like a firm step in the right direction.

The pre-summer 2024 blockbuster season has been quite hot already, with Legendary’s Dune: Part Two and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire performing strongly at the box office, while earning strong thumbs-ups from audiences. By and large, April has been great for those looking to watch smaller and more reasonably budgeted movies. Right as May starts, however, we’re looking at The Fall Guy, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, and Furiosa being the talk of town. But only the first one isn’t based on an already renowned property.

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