The curse of Horizon has struck again with Forbidden West

What is it with the Horizon series and coming out right before genre-shaking barnstormers? Horizon: Forbidden West is excellent with a few trickly foibles, just as Horizon: Zero Dawn was. But now my life is all Elden Ring for the foreseeable future, and with some other pretty hot games on the medium-term horizon… I just can’t see myself finding any more time to play it.

This all happened before, remember? Horizon: Zero Dawn released on February 28, 2017. It was a neat open-world game with beautiful graphics, a personable protagonist, and a really cool vibe, and sense of style. But then, four days later, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released. The board was wiped clean by Nintendo’s foray into open world action-adventure design.

It didn’t matter how cool Horizon (metascore 89) was; the conversation was now all about Zelda (metascore 96). Yes, Zelda launched alongside a new console – but the conversation wasn’t really dominated by the Switch itself; it was about Zelda. Oh my god, did you find this shrine? Have you seen this unorthodox puzzle solution? Did you see this guy beat Ganon and see the credits in just half an hour?

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