The best Steam Deck games and accessories deals

Congratulations are in order if you’re one of the first-wave lucky owners of a Steam Deck! Thanks to global supply issues, those who ordered even an hour or two after pre-orders went live are possibly going to wait up to six or twelve months to get their hands on one. But even if you were slightly unlucky with the timing, this guide will still help you get the most out of the Steam Deck

Even though it looks like a beefier Nintendo Switch of sorts, the Steam Deck is ultimately a PC. That means a whole range of accessories, such as headsets and monitors, can be used to expand the use of the Deck, unlike the Switch or any previous handheld console. On this page you’ll find suggestions of the best ways that’ll extend your Deck, such as games and accessories.

It might be true that the Steam Deck is more than capable of playing most of what the Steam store has to offer. This becomes truer if you decide to install Windows on the device. But just like the phrase “perfect for the Switch” has become very common in the last few years, there are going to be certain games that feel much better to play on a handheld like the Deck. We made a special list of some recent greats that are currently discounted on Green Man Gaming that’ll work great for gaming on the go.

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