The best SD card deals for your Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck and everything else

One of the best accessories to come by in recent years is the micro SD card. These tiny memory cards can reach up to a terabyte or two in capacity, which is enough for most people’s whole gaming library.

Downloads from Nintendo’s eShop are a really convenient way to save time by storing games directly onto a memory card. And with only 32GB of internal storage (or 64GB if you’re lucky enough to have bagged an OLED Switch), you’re going to be needing the extra space for the games and DLC you’ll purchase. For example, Animal Crossing New Horizons takes up around 7GB of storage, whereas Metroid Dread is a little smaller at 4.5GB.

And if you’re lucky to be getting your hands on a Steam Deck soon, with the size of PC games almost always in the tens of gigabytes, you’ll also certainly be in need of an SD card. Here are some of the best deals right now on micro SD cards.

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