Thanks to a cool new Cyberpunk 2077 mod, you can now rock out with Keanu Reeves in any of V’s apartments

The very good Phantom Liberty aside, Cyberpunk 2077 is, for better or worse, that game where you can hang out with Keanu Reeves, because he’s physically stuck inside your chracter’s brain in slightly airheaded rock singer form. For those that love some Keanu, which you kind of have to or you’re at risk of violating the rules of the internet, a new Cyberpunk mod is defintely worth checking out.

While a quick update to the PC version of the game designed to help fix some misbehaving mouse buttons temporarily caused some modding strife eariler this week, all the core mods a lot of your load order relies on have now been updated, so things should pretty much be back to normal. We might be in for more of that if CD Projekt’s devs come across any more litle things they’d really like to add to Night City, but for now, you’re free to make your own fun by adding your own pet actor to all of your flats.

Cyberpunk modder Deceptious, who’s also recently turned V into an art collector in pretty interesting fashion, has just released their latest work, a mod called ‘Here’s Johnny‘. What does it do? Well, in the base game, Silverhand only usually spawns in interactable form outside of cutscenes in one of the game’s aparments – V’s original digs in Megabuilding H10.

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