Sun-kissed detective adventure Paradise Killer coming to Xbox and PlayStation

Back in 2020, developer Kaizen Game Works unleashed its dizzyingly high-concept open-world detective adventure Paradise Killer on Switch and PC, while PlayStation and Xbox owners were left eyeing up its woozy blend of sun-kissed investigatory action and eldritch nightmare from the sidelines. That’s all set to change, however, with an expanded version of Paradise Killer finally heading to Xbox and PlayStation on 16th March.

In its original guise, Paradise Killer was wonderfully idiosyncratic, a breathlessly stylish blend of visual novel and exploratory open-world murder mystery unfolding on the gaudy, sun-drenched Paradise 24 – part tropical island retreat, part shrine to a pantheon of preposterous cosmic gods – where players, in the role of Lady Love Die, must hunt for clues and cross-examine suspects to discover exactly who horrifically butchered the island’s ruling council.

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