Stranger of Paradise is going to be better than Elden Ring… in terms of difficulty options, at least

Like many others right now, I have been having an absolute blast getting stuck deep in Elden Ring and the many challenges it presents. If you thought Margit was tough, hooo boy, you won’t believe what FromSoftware has cooked up elsewhere in the game.

I know it’s very easy to bring up the difficulty of Souls games (and the discourse that inevitably follows) rather than other equally more interesting things like the lore, or the game’s fascinatingly enigmatic cast of characters. But those punishing moments that feel so hopeless, and the near-divine elation when you do conquer them, are integral to what makes playing titles like these so special.

That’s Hidetaka Miyazaki’s intent as well, of course. As he recently explained in The New Yorker; “I just want as many players as possible to experience the joy that comes from overcoming hardship.”

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