Steam Deck production ramping up into “the hundreds of thousands” by next month

It’s been a long wait, but Steam Deck is now out in the wild. For those that didn’t make the head of the queue when reservations opened last July, however – and who are currently eyeing up a rather non-specific ETA for their unit – Valve has a bit of promising news, saying production of its new portable gaming PC will be “in the hundreds of thousands” by next month.

That’s according to Valve designer Lawrence Yang who, in conversation with IGN, explained the company expects production to “ramp very quickly” as it continues “surmounting” the initial supply chain issues that led to Steam Deck’s delay last year. “Very quickly we’ll be in the tens of thousands [of units produced],” Yang revealed. “By the second month we’ll be in the hundreds of thousands, and beyond that it’ll grow even quicker”.

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