Stay tuned – more 2XKO updates are set to come “over the coming weeks”

2XKO is due to have various information updates “over the coming weeks”, according to 2XKO editor in chief Ben Forbes. The current topics of these community-facing updates is currently unclear, but those interested in Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game are being encouraged to reach out with questions via 2XKO’s newly revealed social media channels.

This comes mere days after the game had it’s official name reveal, where we not only left Project L behind but learned that at-home testing is planned for this year. After years of occasional updates, it appears that the output of information about 2XKO is picking up major momentum.

Topics raised and acknoledged include monetization, which stands out as somewhat of a key topic right now given Tekken 8’s recent implimentation of a in-game store. 2XKO will be free-to-play, so the question of how exactly the game will fund itself has remained a big question mark hanging over the game. Other Riot games like Valorant keep the cash rolling in with pricey but lush looking cosmetics. We know 2XKO will have chroma skins (recolours of fighter models), and the characters themselves have years-worth of League of Legends skins to pull through for inspiration.

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