Starfield blasts off with new update filled with fresh features, improved gameplay, new difficulty options, more

The largest update since Starfield was released is now available featuring detailed surface maps, new gameplay difficulty options and display settings, new features for ship customization, and a host of new features and fixes.

With the release of Update 1.11.36, improved maps replace surface dots with terrain markings, and new markers have been added in the major cities to show the locations of vendors – each acting as a fast travel point.

The new update also introduces new gameplay options, including the option to increase vendor credits, carry capacity, or access your ship cargo from anywhere through your player inventory. You can also play around with some survival features, like the effects of food and your environmental hazards. New combat settings will allow you to make things harder and run-and-gun combat easier. There is also a new Extreme difficulty mode above Very Hard – all of which can be tuned.

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