Stardew Valley creator casually flings 40 new mine layouts into latest patch

You’d think after launching Stardew Valley’s massive 1.6 update, creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone would want to catch his breath; but nope – Barone has just casually tossed out a new patch that, among other things, adds 40 new mine layouts for players to explore.

Barone confirmed a new update was on the way last week, teasing “a new fishing thing, and some new mining related stuff”. Turns out Barone might have been udenrselling things a bit. Update 1.6.4 kicks off its patch notes with 20 new ‘alternate’ mine layouts – which can start appearing after players reach the bottom of mines – plus 20 new volcano mine layouts, which can appear after unlocking the shortcut between the caldera and the volcano entrance.

And there’s more! Barone’s mysterious “fishing thing” has revealed itself to be fish frenzies, and they’re joined by four new fairy types, as well as a “special cutscene” that triggers after players help their new neighbours grow their family to the max. Additionally, it’s now possible to place an extra eight non-fish items into fish tanks, mystery boxes and golden mystery boxes can be traded at Raccoon’s shop, vinegar can be poured onto trees to stop them from ever growing moss, and the shaving enhancement now causes tree-specific drops.

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