Sony State of Play March 2022 Watch Along With Game Informer

Platform: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Rating: Mature

Sony has announced that it is once again going live with another State of Play, and we’re streaming the whole thing. Join Game Informer as we react to all the big news, reveals, and gameplay from today’s latest showcase starting at 3:45 p.m. CT!

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But who will be there for the exciting 20-minute event? You already know it has to be Alex Stadnik and Alex Van Aken hosting the festivities. Join The Council of Alexes live 15 minutes before the show, as they give you their hopes and dreams for what we’ll hopefully be seeing during today’s State of Play.

Sony hasn’t yet confirmed exactly what we’ll be seeing today outside of its focus on a specific part of the world. To quote the PlayStation blog post, today’s show will have: “a special focus on highlighting great games coming from some of our beloved Japanese publishers, though we’ll have a few updates from other developers located around the world, too.” 

Reading the tea leaves, there’s plenty that could show up today. Resident Evil Village may have come out last year, but Capcom has said fans can expect new adventures in the form of DLC. Sony consoles and the iconic zombie series have always shared a connection through the years, and it seems fitting that the next step in the series may end up on a digital Sony stage. Square Enix also has close ties to PlayStation and has plenty of games that could make an appearance. Forspoken, Game Informer’s latest cover story, was announced during the first PlayStation 5 showcase and could be a great candidate to fill some of the 20 minutes of today’s show. Speaking of Square games, it’s been since September 2020 since we’ve seen anything from Final Fantasy XVI, and if the game has any shot of launching this year, it would be fitting to see it make its reappearance during today’s State of Play.

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